Congrats on getting to the voice over phase of your project! I'm here to bring life to your project and help you get across the finish line with confidence! I am a passionate and dynamic Voice Actor with a broad character range and an approachable geek-dad-next-door conversational tone.

I have...

  • extensive voice acting training in animation, video games, narration, commercial & promo work

  • a professional grade home studio, equipment and editing capabilities

  • a dedication to perfection developed in over two decades of corporate work experience in the financial sector


Heya, I’m Josh! I'm a Voice Actor based in Columbus Ohio. For me, Voice Acting had been a lifelong passion not followed. After 20 years as a corporate office zombie, the pandemic (and working from home) finally gave me enough breathing room to start considering what I really wanted to do with my life when I grow up! So at the age of 41 I decided to embark on a journey of self-discovery and pursue this passion...and let me tell you, I'm loving every second of it!!! I only wish I had started 10 years ago!For other hobbies I'm an avid runner and just ran my 1st marathon in 2021! I love all things horror and sci-fi. I'm a lifelong metal head. I dabble in digital art🔗 and photography as well.


Sept 2023 Video Game Battle Chest Voice-Over Intensive 
Andrea Toyias || Strawberry Hill Studio
Sept 2023 Acting Workout 
Melissa Medina || Studio NPC
Jul 2023-Ongoing Talent Inner Circle 
Lau Lapides Company || Website
Jul 2023 Self Directing for Voice Actors 
Rachael Messer || Website
June 2023 Booking Intensive: Video Games 
Rachael Messer || Website
May 2023 Marketing Your Voice 
Rachael Messer || Website
May 2023 Commercial Workout 
Dave Bisson || Studio NPC
May-Jul 2023 Improv 
June Yoon || Closing Credits
Feb 2023 Voice Acting Mastery Workshop 
Crispin Freeman || Website
Jan-Feb 2023 Applied ADR 
John Wang & Tony Wijs || Closing Credits
Oct 2022-Jan 2023 VA 301 
Deb Munro || Closing Credits
Sept 2022 Workshop 
Brendan Hunter || Website
Michael Schwalbe || Website
Jun-Sept 2022 VA 201 
Brendan Hunter || Closing Credits
Apr-Jun 2022 VA 101 
Joe Goffeney & Jamil Burger || Closing Credits
Jan-Mar 2022 Elite Academy 
Anthony Pica, Susan Fouche,
Kat Siggers, Don Baarns,
Angela Clark & Angela Ohlfest || A VO's Journey


Sep 2023 Career Consulting 
June Yoon || Website
Jun 2023 Commercial 
Dustin Rubin || Website
May 2023-Jun 2023 Commercial 
Dave Bisson || The Academy of Voice Arts
& Production at BangZoom!
Apr 2023 Goal Planning 
Erin Nicole Lundquist || Website
Nov 2022 Character 
Deb Munro || Website
Jul 2022 Character/Career Consulting 
June Yoon || Website

Home Studio

  •   Microphone   || Neumann TLM 103 *(As of Dec 2022)

  •   Interface   || Solid State Logic SSL 2

  •   Recording Space   || 6'x7' centrally located walk-in closet, acoustically treated w/ Gik Acoustic & Primacoustic panels, foam & bass traps

  •   DAW   || Adobe Audition

  •   Cleanup   || iZotope RX 7 Advanced

  •   Remote Sessions   || Source-Connect Now, Zoom, Skype, Discord & Other (By Request)

  •   Connection   || 563 Mbps ▼ | 23 Mbps ▲ (Ethernet)

Let's Connect!

Cartoon headshot

Helen Wells Agency
Stephanie Fellon
(Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Columbus, Louisville, Chicago & Atlanta)

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Lau Lapides Co. - MCVO
Lau Lapides

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Innovision Talent Agency
(San Diego)

Commercial Credits

Cast Dates▼  
Jul 2023 Corporate Narration  || Internal TrainingNationwide Insurance
Jun 2023 Podcast  || Intro for Season 3Agile for Agilists Podcast

Character Credits

Cast Dates▼   
Aug 2023 Audio Drama  || Various (3 episodes)
►Full List
Frontier: Stories from StarfieldKenneth Vigue, Mike Mallow, Brad E. Williams & Preston Hardin
Jul 2023 Video Game Mod  || VariousTrue Vault EscapadesPreston Hardin
May 2023 Video Game  || Diplomat💲BrassheartHexy Studio
May 2023 Audio Drama  || Tim Lockley
►Full List
Better Men ElsewhereChiral Studios
Jan 2023 Original Character Tournament  || Director Chevron💲"The City of Shadows"
Midwich Valley OCT
Jan 2023 Animation  || Septimus💲Showstoppers RingOpossol
Dec 2022 Audio Drama  || Scribe Hargrove (3 episodes)
►Full List
Once Upon a WastelandBrad E. Williams
Dec 2022 Audio Drama  || Soldier (Gamma Team)
►Full List
Power Rangers: The Audio DramaScyther Inc.
Oct 2022 Video Game  || Gangster Guy💲The Most Awesome Game Ever MadeNerdyBird Studios
Oct 2022 Animation  || TBA💲TBATBA
Oct 2022 Video Game  || PolicemanMotifsYellow Vox Games
Aug 2022
 Audio Drama  || Various💲(4 episodes)
►Full List
Fantasy BoundFantasy Bound Studio
Aug 2022 Animation  || Theodore Pian💲The Art of ActingQuentin Strange
Jul 2022
 Audio Drama  || Various (13 episodes)
►Full List
The MODUS FilesLawrence McNamara
Jul 2022 Video Game  || Winter💲Zeta Trials: RenegadeMediasectors
Jul 2022 Video Game Mod  || Vice Commissioner PierreTrails in the Sky - English DubSean Paulsen, Jamil Burger & Marcos "Xeno" Molina
Jun 2022
 Audio Drama  || Various (5 episodes)
►Full List
True Vault EscapadesPreston Hardin
May 2022 Original Character Tournament  || Director Chevron💲Midwich Valley OCTToastyGhostey
May 2022
 Youtube  || Various💲(7 episodes)
►Full List
Book of ChoyerBook of Choyer
Apr 2022 Video Game Mod  || Dark Elf VillagerWarden of the Coast (Skyrim)TheBawb
Mar 2022 Video Game Mod  || Sutherside ElderWarden of the Coast (Skyrim)TheBawb
Mar 2022 Video Game Mod  || Hosea💲Race to the Bottom (Fallout New Vegas)cgy95

Book of Choyer

Cast Date▼ Character(s)                     Episode                  Link(s)                   
Mar 2023Sithaebron, Dragon Lord of Caledor💲Star Dragons, Forest Dragons, Moon Dragons and Sun DragonsYoutube
Hear me ~10:17 mins
Mar 2023Ortan Cassius, Ultramarines Master of Sanctity💲The Discovery Of The Tyranids & The Battle For Macragge In The First Tyrannic WarYoutube
Hear me ~40:42 mins
Feb 2023Reiklander soldier💲Warrior Priests of Sigmar Lore Overview - Warriors of FaithYoutube
Hear me ~4:38 mins
Nov 2022Sergeant Otkar💲THE SKAVEN: 9 Short Stories
& Facts
Hear me ~3:53 mins
Aug 2022Elven Scholar💲The Mightiest Melee Fighters in Warhammer FantasyYoutube
Hear me ~31:57 mins
May 2022Commoner💲The Halflings of the MootlandYoutube
Hear me ~0:45 seconds

Fantasy Bound

Cast Date▼ Character(s)                     Episode                  Link(s)                   
Hear me at the ~5:18 mins onward
Sep 2022Nabonidus the Red Priest💲CONAN THE BARBARIAN: Rogues in the HouseYoutube
Hear me at the ~15:00 mins onward
Aug 2022Taurus the Nemedian💲CONAN THE BARBARIAN: The Tower of the ElephantYoutube
Hear me at the ~17:35 mins onward

The MODUS Files

Cast Date▼ Character(s)                     Episode                  Link(s)                   
Jun 2023Grey 9 & Stein’s DadS02E23 - All that glittersYoutube Spotify Apple
Apr 2023Grey 9S02E21 - Into the MysteryYoutube Spotify Apple
Apr 2023Grey 9S02E20 - Rising TideYoutube Spotify Apple
Mar 2023Grey 9S02E19 - The Rarest CryptidYoutube Spotify Apple
Mar 2023Grey ActualS02E18 - Seeing RedYoutube Spotify Apple
Feb 2023Tom HigginsS02E17 - Early WarningsYoutube Spotify Apple
Jan 2023Tom HigginsS02E16 - Vault TownYoutube Spotify Apple
Jan 2023Ranch HandS02E15 - Wrong Place, Wrong TimeYoutube Spotify Apple
Dec 2022SkinnerS02E14 - EncryptidYoutube Spotify Apple
Nov 2022SkinnerS02E13 - Team CryptidYoutube Spotify Apple
Sept 2022CharlieBedtime Stories - Tales from Vault 76, Episode 4 DayYoutube Spotify Apple
Aug 2022Major RagnarsdottirBedtime Stories - Tales from Vault 76, Episode 3 SteinYoutube Spotify Apple
Jul 2022Blood Eagle Lieutenant SkellsS02E10 - The Blood Eagle War, Part 3Youtube Spotify Apple

True Vault Escapades

Cast Date▼ Character(s)                     Episode                  Link(s)                   
Feb 2023Private DaveyThe Case of Morgue MountainSpotify Apple
Dec 2022Goon 2The Cage Chronicles - S01E10 Eighteen Karat Run of Bad LuckSpotify Apple
Jun 2022Ray Bartha & Boris BarthaThe Cage Chronicles - S01E09 Red FlagsSpotify Apple
Jun 2022GordonThe Cage Chronicles - S01E08 The Bum DealSpotify Apple

Once Upon A Wasteland

Cast Date▼ Character(s)                     Episode                  Link(s)                   
Apr 2023Scribe HargroveS02E09 - Only by a MiracleYoutube Spotify Apple
Mar 2023Scribe HargroveS02E08 - The Spark of HopeYoutube Spotify Apple
Dec 2022Scribe HargroveS02E04 - Great and Distinctive ChangesYoutube Spotify Apple

Frontier: Stories from Starfield

Cast Date▼ Character(s)                     Episode                  Link(s)                   
Aug 2023Desmond VanderleeS01 - The PinholesTBA
Aug 2023InterviewerS01 - ElysiumTBA
Aug 2023Cayden BriggsS01 - The New RagnarokTBA

Power Rangers: The Audio Drama

Cast Date▼ Character(s)                     Episode                  Link(s)                   
Dec 2022Soldier 3 (Gamma Team)S03E04 - The AssaultYoutube
Hear me at ~31:13 mins

Better Men Elsewhere

Cast Date▼ Character(s)                     Episode                  Link(s)                   
May 2023Tim LockleyS01E08 - Fading PicturesStudio Website Podbean Spotify