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Hey there! 👋 I'm Josh, a passionate Voice Actor based in Columbus, Ohio. 🎙️ Voice Acting has always been a lifelong dream of mine, but amidst the hustle of work, raising kids, and life's adventures, it took a backseat. 🚀 Then came the pandemic, gifting me the chance to work from home 🏡 - no more dreaded rush hour traffic! 🚗💨 This newfound freedom sparked a reflection on what I really wanted to do when I grow up. So, at 41, I embarked on a journey of self-discovery, determined to inject more fun into my days! 🎉 And I'll tell you, every moment has been an absolute blast! 💥 Looking back, I can't help but wish I'd started this journey a decade ago! ⏳I'm also an avid runner 🏃, proudly ticking off my first marathon in 2021! 🏅I also dabble in digital art 🎨 and photography 📸. I'm a lifelong metalhead 🤘 and all around music nut. I love 🖤 all things horror and sci-fi 🧟👽. As a child of the 80's, I still prefer the analog experience of records, cassettes and actual books!

From Boardrooms 👨💼 to Battlefields⚔️

Your Voiceover Hero for Every Role
Uniting Geeky Passion with Corporate Precision!

What sets me apart...

  • Professionalism: With over two decades of experience in the corporate sector, I deeply appreciate the value of professionalism and meeting deadlines. I take pride in prompt communication and being supremely easy to work with.

  • Versatility: I have invested hundreds of hours in training and coaching to refine my vocal and acting skills. As a result, I can effortlessly adapt my voice to various styles, tones, and characters, ensuring all projects are engaging and impactful.

  • Top Notch Quality: Equipped with a professional-grade recording equipment and studio, I ensure that the audio I deliver is of the highest quality. Each recording is clean, well-edited, and ready for seamless integration into projects.

Home Studio

  •   Microphone   || Neumann TLM 103

  •   Interface   || Solid State Logic SSL 2

  •   Booth**   || 6'x7' centrally located walk-in closet, acoustically treated w/ Gik Acoustic & Primacoustic panels, foam & bass traps

  •   DAW   || Adobe Audition & PreSonus Studio One 5 Artist

  •   Remote Sessions   || Source-Connect Standard, Zoom, Skype, Discord & Other (By Request)

  •   Connection   || 563 Mbps ▼ | 23 Mbps ▲ (Ethernet)

  •   Processing Chains   || Created by George Whittam (GeorgeTheTech)

** Booth walkthrough and review by George Whittam (GeorgeTheTech) July 2023"It sounds REALLY Excellent, Great work! The amount of acoustic absorption covering the room is really doing the trick, and I don't hear any reflective surfaces near the microphone. The noise floor is well below -60dB RMS, very impressive for the rumble-sensitive TLM 103."



May-Jul 2024 VA 401 
Brendan Hunter || Closing Credits
Apr 2024 Commercial Workout 
Dustin Rubin || Website
Mar 2024 Animation & Video Game Workshop 
Brook Chalmers || The Halp Network
Feb 2024 Improv 
June Yoon || Studio NPC
Jan 2024 Acting Workout 
George Ledoux || Studio NPC
Jan 2024 Commercial Workshop 
Tania Possick || Sound On Studio
Dec 2023 Agent Night, but a Class! 
Micaela Hicks (VOX) || Voice Trax West
Nov 2023 Real Talk: Realistic Performances for Animation 
Adam Weismann || Voice Trax West
Nov 2023 Double Take: Getting Further in Interactive by Getting your Audition Wrong 
Karlie Angelis & Tommy Callahan || Voice Trax West
Oct 2023 Workshop 
Brook Chalmers || Studio NPC
Oct 2023 Workshop: Notes from a Casting Director 
Samantha A Morrison || Studio NPC
Sept 2023 Video Game Battle Chest Voice-Over Intensive 
Andrea Toyias || Strawberry Hill Studio
Sept 2023 Workout 
Melissa Medina || Studio NPC
Jul-Aug 2023 Talent Inner Circle 
Lau Lapides Company || Website
Jul 2023 Self Directing for Voice Actors 
Rachael Messer || Website
June 2023 Booking Intensive: Video Games 
Rachael Messer || Website
May 2023 Marketing Your Voice 
Rachael Messer || Website
May 2023 Commercial Workout 
Dave Bisson || Studio NPC
May-Jul 2023 Improv 
June Yoon || Closing Credits
Feb 2023 Voice Acting Mastery Workshop 
Crispin Freeman || Website
Jan-Feb 2023 Applied ADR 
John Wang & Tony Wijs || Closing Credits
Oct 2022-Jan 2023 VA 301 
Deb Munro || Closing Credits
Sept 2022 Workshop 
Brendan Hunter || Website
Michael Schwalbe || Website
Jun-Sept 2022 VA 201 
Brendan Hunter || Closing Credits
Apr-Jun 2022 VA 101 
Joe Goffeney & Jamil Burger || Closing Credits
Jan-Mar 2022 Elite Academy 
Anthony Pica, Susan Fouche,
Kat Siggers, Don Baarns,
Angela Clark & Angela Ohlfest || A VO's Journey


Jan 2024 Commercial/Narration 
Jay Myers || Website
Nov 2023-Ongoing Acting 
Erin Nicole Lundquist || Website
Sep 2023 Career  
June Yoon || Website
Jun 2023 Commercial 
Dustin Rubin || Website
May 2023-Jun 2023 Commercial 
Dave Bisson || The Academy of Voice Arts & Production at BangZoom!
Apr 2023 Goal Planning 
Erin Nicole Lundquist || Website
Nov 2022 Character 
Deb Munro || Website
Jul 2022 Career 
June Yoon || Website



Cast Date▼   
Dec 2023 Video Game 
Kobolds, Nightbringer & Goblin Drake Rider💲
Dawnsbury DaysDawnsbury Studios
Oct 2023 Video Game Mod 
Ghost Hunter Shane
The Haunted Casino (Fallout New Vegas)Agent Fuse
Aug 2023 Audio Drama 
Various (3 episodes)
►Full List
Frontier: Stories from StarfieldKenneth Vigue, Mike Mallow, Brad E. Williams & Preston Hardin
Jul 2023 Video Game Mod 
True Vault EscapadesPreston Hardin
May 2023 Video Game 
BrassheartHexy Studio
May 2023 Audio Drama 
Tim Lockley
►Full List
Better Men ElsewhereChiral Studios
Jan 2023 Original Character Tournament 
Director Chevron💲
"The City of Shadows"
Midwich Valley OCT
Jan 2023 Animation 
Showstoppers RingOpossol
Dec 2022 Audio Drama 
Scribe Hargrove (3 episodes)
►Full List
Once Upon a WastelandBrad E. Williams
Dec 2022 Audio Drama 
Soldier (Gamma Team)
►Full List
Power Rangers: The Audio DramaScyther Inc.
Oct 2022 Video Game 
Gangster Guy💲
The Most Awesome Game Ever MadeNerdyBird Studios
Oct 2022 Animation 
Dooro Bear@doorobear_us
Oct 2022 Video Game  PolicemanMotifsYellow Vox Games
Aug 2022
 Audio Drama 
Various💲(5 episodes)
►Full List
Fantasy BoundFantasy Bound Studio
Aug 2022 Animation 
Theodore Pian💲
The Art of ActingQuentin Strange
Jul 2022
 Audio Drama 
Various (22 episodes)
►Full List
The MODUS FilesLawrence McNamara
Jul 2022 Video Game 
Zeta Trials: RenegadeMediasectors
Jul 2022 Video Game Mod 
Vice Commissioner Pierre
Trails in the Sky - English DubSean Paulsen, Jamil Burger & Marcos "Xeno" Molina
Jun 2022
 Audio Drama 
Various (5 episodes)
►Full List
True Vault EscapadesPreston Hardin
May 2022 Original Character Tournament 
Director Chevron💲
Midwich Valley OCTToastyGhostey
May 2022
Various💲(8 episodes)
►Full List
Book of ChoyerBook of Choyer
Apr 2022 Video Game Mod 
Dark Elf Villager
Warden of the Coast (Skyrim)TheBawb
Mar 2022 Video Game Mod 
Sutherside Elder
Warden of the Coast (Skyrim)TheBawb
Mar 2022 Video Game Mod 
Race to the Bottom (Fallout New Vegas)cgy95


Cast Date▼  
Feb 2024 Youtube 
Mafia Mysteries
Jan 2024 Youtube 
Universal Facts
Nov 2023 Elearning 
The "Mighty Wire"💲
Merit Medical
Jul 2023 Corporate Narration 
Internal Training
Nationwide Insurance
Jun 2023 Podcast 
Intro for Season 3
Agile for Agilists Podcast

Additional Samples

Let's Connect!

Copyright 2024 - Josh Smith

Cast Date▼ Character(s)                     Episode                  Link(s)                   
Oct 2023Lord Commissar Barron Reed💲The ASTRA MILITARUM Lore OverviewYoutube
Hear me ~5:41 mins
Mar 2023Sithaebron, Dragon Lord of Caledor💲Star Dragons, Forest Dragons, Moon Dragons and Sun DragonsYoutube
Hear me ~10:17 mins
Mar 2023Ortan Cassius, Ultramarines Master of Sanctity💲The Discovery Of The Tyranids & The Battle For Macragge In The First Tyrannic WarYoutube
Hear me ~40:42 mins
Feb 2023Reiklander soldier💲Warrior Priests of Sigmar Lore Overview - Warriors of FaithYoutube
Hear me ~4:38 mins
Nov 2022Sergeant Otkar💲THE SKAVEN: 9 Short Stories
& Facts
Hear me ~3:53 mins
Aug 2022Elven Scholar💲The Mightiest Melee Fighters in Warhammer FantasyYoutube
Hear me ~31:57 mins
May 2022Commoner💲The Halflings of the MootlandYoutube
Hear me ~0:45 seconds

Cast Date▼ Character(s)                     Episode                  Link(s)                   
Hear me at the ~5:18 mins onward
Sep 2022Nabonidus the Red Priest💲CONAN THE BARBARIAN: Rogues in the HouseYoutube
Hear me at the ~15:00 mins onward
Aug 2022Taurus the Nemedian💲CONAN THE BARBARIAN: The Tower of the ElephantYoutube
Hear me at the ~17:35 mins onward

The MODUS Files

Cast Date▼ Character(s)                     Episode                  Link(s)                   
Mar 2024Tom HigginsS03E09 - Sow the WindTBA
Mar 2024Grey 9S03E08 - Bad Day at Black RockYoutube || Spotify || Apple
Mar 2024SkinnerS03E07 - Hunter / HuntedYoutube || Spotify || Apple
Feb 2024SkinnerS03E06 - EarleYoutube || Spotify || Apple
Jan 2024Grey 9S03E05 - The PACTYoutube || Spotify || Apple
Dec 2023Grey 9 & SkinnerS03E04 - The Long Way DownYoutube || Spotify || Apple
Nov 2023Grey 9 & SkinnerS03E03 - Shadow GamesYoutube || Spotify || Apple
Oct 2023SkinnerS03E02 - What Evil LurksYoutube || Spotify || Apple
Sept 2023Grey 9 & SkinnerS03E01 - RevelationsYoutube || Spotify || Apple
Jun 2023Grey 9 & Stein’s DadS02E23 - All that glittersYoutube || Spotify || Apple
Apr 2023Grey 9S02E21 - Into the MysteryYoutube || Spotify || Apple
Apr 2023Grey 9S02E20 - Rising TideYoutube || Spotify || Apple
Mar 2023Grey 9S02E19 - The Rarest CryptidYoutube || Spotify || Apple
Mar 2023Grey ActualS02E18 - Seeing RedYoutube || Spotify || Apple
Feb 2023Tom HigginsS02E17 - Early WarningsYoutube || Spotify || Apple
Jan 2023Tom HigginsS02E16 - Vault TownYoutube || Spotify || Apple
Jan 2023Ranch HandS02E15 - Wrong Place, Wrong TimeYoutube || Spotify || Apple
Dec 2022SkinnerS02E14 - EncryptidYoutube || Spotify || Apple
Nov 2022SkinnerS02E13 - Team CryptidYoutube || Spotify || Apple
Sept 2022CharlieBedtime Stories - Tales from Vault 76, Episode 4 DayYoutube || Spotify || Apple
Aug 2022Major RagnarsdottirBedtime Stories - Tales from Vault 76, Episode 3 SteinYoutube || Spotify || Apple
Jul 2022Blood Eagle Lieutenant SkellsS02E10 - The Blood Eagle War, Part 3Youtube || Spotify || Apple

True Vault Escapades

Cast Date▼ Character(s)                     Episode                  Link(s)                   
Apr 2023Sniper MercenaryThe Curse of The Casket Part 2Spotify || Apple
Feb 2023Private DaveyThe Case of Morgue MountainSpotify || Apple
Dec 2022Goon 2The Cage Chronicles - S01E10 Eighteen Karat Run of Bad LuckSpotify || Apple
Jun 2022Ray Bartha & Boris BarthaThe Cage Chronicles - S01E09 Red FlagsSpotify || Apple
Jun 2022GordonThe Cage Chronicles - S01E08 The Bum DealSpotify || Apple

Once Upon a Wasteland

Cast Date▼ Character(s)                     Episode                  Link(s)                   
Apr 2023Scribe HargroveS02E09 - Only by a MiracleYoutube || Spotify || Apple
Mar 2023Scribe HargroveS02E08 - The Spark of HopeYoutube || Spotify || Apple
Dec 2022Scribe HargroveS02E04 - Great and Distinctive ChangesYoutube || Spotify || Apple

Frontier: Stories from Starfield

Cast Date▼ Character(s)                     Episode                  Link(s)                   
Aug 2023Desmond VanderleeThe PinholesTBA
Aug 2023InterviewerElysiumTBA
Aug 2023Cayden BriggsThe New RagnarokTBA

Power Rangers: The Audio Drama

Cast Date▼ Character(s)                     Episode                  Link(s)                   
Dec 2022Soldier 3 (Gamma Team)S03E04 - The AssaultYoutube || Spotify || Apple
Hear me at ~31:13 mins

Better Men Elsewhere

Cast Date▼ Character(s)                     Episode                  Link(s)                   
May 2023Tim LockleyS01E08 - Fading PicturesStudio Website || Podbean || Spotify